Against The Odds: Couple re-marry after spending 10 years apart due to separation and divorce [Video + Photos]

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A Nigerian couple has given real meaning to love and practicalized it by coming together as husband and wife once again after spending 10 years apart.

10 years apart due to separation and divorce which brought their happy marriage to an end.

However, the love that was burning in their hearts was certainly unquenchable as they have remarried and settled together again after a decade of being apart.

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Sharing this piece of good news on Twitter, Sola Kuti, the husband who was over the moon, said they have gone against the odds and come back where it all began.

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 ”Impossible is Nothing! After more than 10 years of separation and even a divorce, against all odds we found ourselves together again. Happy and in love. This journey started over 30 years ago…never ever give up!” he wrote.

Getting married in 1996 and taking a long hiatus from living together due to divorce couldn’t have triggered any coming back but Sola said his wife always remained his bestie even during their dark days.

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However, Sola did not gist us on what led to their separation and divorce and what they did during the period they were apart.

The videos he shared and the songs in the background clearly define the moment and gives meaning to the saying that “Love Conquers All”

Check Out the Videos Below:



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