Agnes Frimston cause of death and obituary: Journalist and writer death in perspective

Agnes Frimston’s cause of death and obituary assumed centre stage on the internet immediately after her sad demise. What caused her death? No ailment or illness has been attributed to her death. Evidently, she died of a natural cause.

Before delving more into the journalist and writer’s death in perspective, let’s discuss who she was before the cold hands of death snatched her away.

As is traditional for journalists, Agnes Frimston started her job as a magazine editor by waiting in the street and asking a question that cannot be answered. Her targeted victim was Rachel Johnson, editor of The Lady.

‘A pre-Raphaelite beauty with crimson lips and thick woollen tights under shorts’ blocked her path, Johnson recounted, and pleaded, ‘Would you offer me job experience at The Lady?’

The editor couldn’t say no to such a persistent request, so Agnes started the following Monday. Agnes applied for the assistant editor position at The World Today while working at Chatham House during her three-month internship there after leaving The Lady.

Stay with us until the finish since the topic of this post is the obituary of Agnes Frimston, about which many are curious.

Agnes Frimston cause of death and obituary

We assumed Agnes Frimston died of a natural cause as authorities or her family have not said anything contrary. Her expertise in her field of work has been singled out for praise as friends and family eulogise her in the form mourn obituaries on social media


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