Agradaa bought megaphones for street preachers when she was komfour – Piesie Esther defends Agrdaa’s calling

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Renowned friend of the indicted Fetish Priest Nana Agradaa has disclosed that she funded “men of God with Megaphones” to preach the Gospel on the streets of the country even before she converted to Christianity.

“At the time she was still a fetish priestess, what I know is that she used to buy Megaphones for people to preach the word of God”. Gospel Musician Piesie Esther who is a known friend of embattled Evangelist Mama Pat has revealed.

Piesie Esther, who knew Nana Agradaa before she became famous, attests to her great faith and love for God.

“Back then she was someone who loved the word of God. She loved God. I say this to the glory of God, and I’m not lying”, Piesie Esther said this passionately on TV XYZ in an interview.

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She went on to say that after reuniting with her friend in Accra a few years ago and exchanging contact information, she realized that despite being a Fetish Priestess, Agradaa frequently updated her WhatsApp status with Christian music, which, in Piesie Esther’s opinion, confirmed Agradaa’s faith in God.

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“After I took her number I realized that, she always used Gospel music video on her WhatsApp status when she was a fetish Priestess. Then I said to myself that the love of God is in this woman”, Piesie Esther said.

“So anytime I saw her status, I told her I pray that God will call you again, she (Agradaa) kept laughing”, she added.

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