Agya Koo’s frequent travels abroad killed his career – Miracle Films CEO speaks

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Samuel Nyamekye and Agya Koo

Veteran movie producer, Samuel Nyamekye has revealed that there wasn’t any plan to sabotage popular actor, Agya Koo from the movie industry.

Agya Koo was the most sought-after actor till the tables turned and his era as the King of the indigenous movie industry came to an end.

Although he has tried several times to reignite his lost glory, but it appears the legendary actor has been retired from the industry.

Commenting on how Agya Koo lost his glory days, Samuel Nyamekye who is credited for nurturing some of the best actors in Ghana explained that, Agya Koo’s frequent travels abroad sold him out.

According to him, the movie production came to a halt anytime the actor left the shores of Ghana.

He noted with worry that producers always lost revenue without casting Agya Koo because he had the support of the masses.

“It came to a time that when Agya Koo travelled then the movie industry became stagnant because he was the only one who had the grace such that if he was not featured in a movie producer recorded low sales. Everybody wanted Agya Koo,” the CEO of Miracle Films told ZionFelix.

He however noted that a plea for actors to reduce their wages for movies that did not feature Agya Koo was misinterpreted by the actor as a ploy to sideline him from movies.

Mr Nyamekye said, “All the producers came to me so that we could speak with other actors to reduce their demands for movies Agya Koo did not feature in. So, I chaired that meeting and I said a lot of things but someone later went and misconstrued what I said.”

“People took risks to ensure the movie industry became stable without Agya Koo. But there wasn’t any plan to sabotage him if there was something like that then I’m not part,” the CEO of Miracle Films concluded.

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