Ahafo: Thief trapped in hole he made in church to gain access to steal offering money [Video]

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Luck ran out on Agyesuo, a thief who made a hole in a church in order to gain access to steal. He got trapped in his own outlet.

Agyasuo robbed a Catholic Church building in Techimantia, Tano South, in the Ahafo Region of Ghana. With the help of a chisel and hammer, he bored a hole inside the ground floor of the locked storey building.

Residents saw him making the hole but chose to wait and watch. After making the hole, he climbed in and stole some money from the church. He is also said to have stolen mobile devices.

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Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t sneak back out and residents alerted the caretaker of the building after he had been there for a while.

The caretaker opened the door and found the suspect trapped inside the hole. As he begged to be let out, residents collected the offering money he stole first, while quizzing him.

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He was also reportedly caught with a bag containing packed phones, computer and accessories he had gathered from the church.

Watch Video Below:


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