Ahmad Rashad Bio, Age, Wives, Children, Net Worth

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You hardly see any former professional sportspersons walking around aimlessly once their playing careers end, and Ahmad Rashad, a former American professional football player, is no different. He currently serves as a sportscaster, and just like in his playing career, he is doing well at his new job.

In this article, we are going to look into the life of the former American football player, who played for years. In this series, we will see how old he is currently, who his wives have been, his children, and, most importantly, his net worth.

What do you know about Ahmad Rashad? Learn more about him in this article.

Ahmad Rashad Bio

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Knowing that you cannot be bored with any long stuff about anyone, this article is a well-summarized piece that contains the most important information about the man that you need to know.

His original name was Robert Earl Moore. He only took on the name he now known by, when he converted to be a Muslim.

Ahmad Rashad was born in Portland, Oregon, in the United States of America.

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He had his education at Mount Tahoma High School.

He was given an athletic scholarship to the University of Oregon in Eugene, where in addition to playing football, he majored in elementary education.

Dennis Moore is his sibling, and Condola Moore, and O.C. Moore, are his parents.

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How Old is He?

Ahmad Rashad Age

How old is Ahmad Rashad at the moment?

The ex-NFL player has now been alive for more than seven decades.

Ahmad Rashad, who was born on November 19, 1949, is currently 73 years old.

Before changing his identity in 1973, he was known by the name Bobby Moore.

Is He Married? Who Are Ahmad Rashad Wives?

He has been successful as a former NFL player and is now a sportscaster, but he has had problems in his relationships.

He has had several relationships that have not necessarily worked out for him.

He has been married five times, but it is not like Ahmad Rashad wives are currently five.

As a Muslim, he could have as many wives, but there have been divorces and that is how come he is mentioned to have five wives, but only one is valid at the moment.

So who were Ahmad Rashad wives?

His first wife was Deidre Waters. Then came Matilda Johnson, after divorcing from his first wife.

He would go on to marry Phylicia Ayers-Allen after his second marriage also collapsed. He married Sale Johnson, his fourth wife.

Sale Johnson would also divorce him, leading to his fifth marriage, this time to Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz, a psychologist in South Florida, whom he currently lives with.

How many children does Ahmad Rashad have across his five marriages?

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Ahmad Rashad Net Worth

He has five children across his five marriages.

Ahmad Rashad children are Condola Rashad, Ahmad Rashad Jr., Maiyisha Rashad, Keva Rashad, and Sean Rashad.

After finishing his football career, Rashad worked for NBC and ABC as a studio anchor and game reporter for televised games in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. He also hosted NBA Inside Stuff for 16 years. What is Ahmad Rashad net worth today?

Net Worth

Ahmad Rashad, the former NFL player who is now a game analyst, is thought to have a net worth of around $10 million.

Ahmad Rashad played for the Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Cardinals in the NFL.

After giving up football in 1982, he transitioned to television as a studio analyst and the host of NBA weekly summary specials.

Rashad has also taken part in an NBA game and presented a number of reality and game shows unrelated to sports.


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