Ahouf3 Patri Blows Love To Kalybos After His Heartwarming Note To Her

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Comic actor Kalybos, and actress Ahouf3 Patri, have been one of the coolest pairs in the industry since their entry.

The two grabbed fame with the help of movie producer Kofi Asamoah during their days in school when they shot their first kit of ‘Boys Abre’.

Since then, they have been this ‘on-screen’ pair and it seems their bond and friendship is probably stronger than we might have imagined.

Kalybos in a recent post shared a lovely note to Ahouf3 Patri Saying, “My Ride or Die… anything anywhere. We disagree to agree… that’s what makes us a dynamic pair. My Everyday Crush 😍 @priscilla_opoku_agyeman #AhuofePatri #BeBe #Patri_DunDun

In Ahouf3 Patri’s reply, she blew Kalybos with love, paused for a minute, and continued with more which was very lovely to watch.

Screenshot below;

🔥‘ "I Won’t let My Boyfriend Into My Apartment Because He Didn’t Pay For The Rent" 😥 😥 👇 👇

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