Ahoufe Patri Is The P3p33p3 Kind Of Woman Criss Waddle Wants Now| But Mugees Batakali Drives Her Crazy

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Oh yes!! I am not decieving you or making any of this up. Cris Waddle is indeed in love with ahoufe patri and wants to get married to her anytime soon, but the issue here is, Ahoufe Patri does not feel a thing for him.

Come on, i don’t mean that in a literal sense. Well, that’s the impresion i got after watching a scene from the music video. Cris Waddle has released his official video for the song “p3p33p3” which translates as “Equallly” in which he featured Mugeez from the music group, R2bees.

Ahoufe Patri who has become very popular after been in several skits of Kalybos, in which she always plays the character of a damsel, Kalybos wants to impress, so as to win her love. Ahoufe Patri features in this music video and plays the role of a village girl who is in love with her proud villager boyfriend who happens to be Mugeez. The music video tells the story of a girl who is been pushed into a relationship by her family with a man she has no feelings, jsut because that man has money. The rich man who is Cris Waddle, promises to share all of his assets and wealth equally with her, if she accepts to date him, but then the burning flame of love in her for Mugeez makes her blind to the essence of wealth..
The music video which was shot in a vilage setting and i love the fact that, almost every one in the video wore african prints except for criss Waddle. Well, i guess playing the role of a rich accra boy doesn’t permit his charcter to wear something like that….lol.
The video is great but i have my own personal reservations about it, but wouldn’t talk about it now. Do watch the video below and drop you sentiments in the comment box or send me a tweet on twitter @chrishandlergh

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