Ahuofe Patri Reacts To ‘Wee-Smoking’ Allegations; “Feel Free To Judge, I’m Still Working On Myself”

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Last week, there were several reports that, our Ahuofe Patri known in real life as Priscilla Opoku Agyemang smokes ‘wee’ soo heavily that, her mom and other family members were overly worried about the new route she had taken in her life.

Thr website that broke the story as their exclusive, Ghanacelebrities.com even mentioned in one of their articles that, she probably smokes more weed than Peter Tosh and Bob Marley .

Several days after the reports, Ahuofe Patri had come out to give a subtle response to all of those allegations.

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In a post, the “Amakye & Dede” actress made on Instagram, she wrote saying that; “She’s working on herself ” and is not bothered if people have decided to judge her anyway.

Well, we don’t know Ahoufe Patri’s story so if those rumors, are true, we are glad that she’s said that she’s working on herself.-We are all not perfect in this life.

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The full post accompanied with a beautiful picture of herself read; “So this me on a Sunday. Filter kakra ?. Tried to tuck my tummy but looks like I need to try harder next time ?. What else? Feel free to judge away ??‍♀️. Also ‘d like you to know that I’m still working on myself ??. My coverup is from @tanefabrics. Check her out. Cool stuff. Ok have a lovely Sunday



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