Aidan Kearney Arrested: Witness Tampering And Legal Case

The recent arrest of Aidan Kearney can be linked to his active participation in covering the murder accusation brought against Karen Read for the suspected killing of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe.

Aidan Kearney Crime Explored

Kearney has consistently claimed that there was hidden criminality in this case, a charge that has been strongly refuted by the prosecution for a considerable amount of time.

When a special prosecutor brought charges against Aidan Kearney, who is well-known in the Massachusetts media world for his blog “Turtleboy,” due to his ardent attempts to expose alleged wrongdoing in an ongoing high-profile murder case in Norfolk County, he found himself in legal danger.

The Karen Read case has received consistent coverage in the Massachusetts media thanks to Kearney, who has also organized a group of supporters who are convinced that Read, who is charged with second-degree murder in the death of her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, is involved in a plot within the town of Canton.

Kearney was charged with conspiracy as well as witness, juror, police, and court official intimidation at his arraignment in Stoughton District Court.

He was instructed to keep his distance from and refrain from making contact with the people he is accused of intimidating by the presiding judge.

These people include the state police officer in charge of the O’Keefe case as well as a number of bystanders at the scene where O’Keefe’s dead body was found.

On the morning of his arraignment, Kearney was observed being carried into court in handcuffs while sporting a “Free Karen Read” hoodie.

Kearney, who didn’t seem discouraged when asked about his detention, made a reference to a car he says is involved in the cover-up surrounding O’Keefe’s untimely death.

Following a night spent at a pub on January 29, 2022, Read is charged with O’Keefe’s murder. She is accused of striking O’Keefe with her SUV during a violent fight while dropping him off at a house party in Canton, according to the police.

Her legal team, however, has asserted that there must have been a cover-up and that someone other than Read must have been accountable for O’Keefe’s passing.

The contents of Kearney’s YouTube videos and articles from his “Canton Coverup” investigation were used by the special prosecutors overseeing the case.

His website has 179 such items as of Tuesday. The prosecution emphasized that Kearney repeatedly stated his aim to use his reporting to sway the potential jury in Read’s impending trial.

In addition, he had made it known to the public that he shared their contact information with the lead investigator and even the investigator’s spouse, which caused them to harass him.

Kearney is also charged with hiring an Avon, Massachusetts-based civilian police dispatcher to use the state’s vehicle-lookup tool to access data on the vehicles driven by various parties involved in the alleged harassment. It was mentioned by the prosecution that this dispatcher read Kearney’s blog.

According to a lawyer for Kearney, the blogger considers himself to be “a news person” and is therefore protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.


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