AIDS SCAMMER Joyce Says – Insults Dont Tickle Her, It Makes Her Happy So Keep Pouring Them On Her

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Some critics of former Ghana AIDS Commission Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, have been accusing her for establishing a secret NGO and using it to still take money from international donor and grant agencies but she has shot down such charges against her.

Explaining how NGOs are used in advocacy works to get financial support, she said “The only way one can receive funding to do HIV work is through the persons NGO. I decided not to set up an NGO because I just wanted to work but not to be receiving monies that were not meant for me. If anyone wants to know where HIV monies go to, you should know where to go and ask.”

“Besides working as an HIV ambassador, I do my own business which is singing and selling my own CDs” She said. She also claimed that, “The AIDS commission was giving me eight hundred cedis per month which was taking care of my transportations as well. How can a person become rich with eight hundred cedis a month to travel around and educate people?”

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Joyce who is weary of explaining her mysterious story, added: “Even if am given a thousand years to explain myself and make Ghanaian understand me, it wouldn’t change the fact that some of u just hate me for no reason and will not change your attitude.

 “But one thing that bothers me is that Ghanaians don’t know how to criticize at all and also don’t know how to insult. I deliberately put items that annoys me on my facebook page and read all your negative comments but none of these comments have ever pushed me.

 It doesn’t tickle me at all. Instead it makes me happy and I keep laughing each time I read them. Can anyone actually make JOYCE DZIDZOR MENSAH cry with an insult? Am actually waiting for that fellow to break that record. I love you all. Keep the insults coming. Men tie obiaaa.”

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Do you think this lady is 100% sound? She seem to be going through some sort of psychotic issues kind of. What do you think? Share a thought. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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