Akrobeto advises Sarkodie on how to lead a successful, wealthy and healthy life [Video]

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Ghanaian actor Akwasi Boadi aka Akrobeto has shared what can be described as the key to a successful, wealthy and healthy life.

This piece of life-changing advice which Akrobeto shared in an exclusive interview has served as a great token to rapper Sarkodie.

Sarkodie has also re-shared this video on his Twitter account asking Akrobeto to unleash the keys that helped him to lead a successful yet wealthy and healthy life.

The rapper believes inherent in Akrobeto’s thoughts lie what it takes for every human being to succeed.

According to Akrobeto the only key that Sarkodie and every other person can implement to have a life devoid of anxiety, stress and unexplained pain is to avoid overthinking. Akrobeto says thinking is very suicidal whether positive or negative.

He stressed that he has never allowed life issues to bother him to the extent that he has to have sleepless nights pondering over how to solve a problem or to make somebody fall.

Akrobeto believes if people can live freely, including Sarkodie, without overthinking their issues, they are certainly on the path to having a great successful life.

Watch Video Here:


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