Akuapem Poloo Caught Sexually Harassing Kuami Eugene In This Disgusting Attempt To Give Him A Lap Dance He Never Wanted (Video)

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In a new disgusting video circulating on Social media, Slay Queen Rosemond Brown aka Akuampem Poloo is seen sexually harassing Kuami Eugene and forcing herself on the young man and it’s something that has to be condemned by all.

Akuapem Poloo is seen giving an unwanted lap dance with her tinny as* to Kuami Eugene and from the look on Kuami Eugene’s face, he was uneasy and didn’t want any of it and when it got so unbearable for him, he just stood up and walked away from the embarassing scene the attention seeking Akuapem Poloo was created.

We condemn this because if the tables are turned and it’s a woman who is been harassed sexually like this by a man without her consent, you could have imagined what the conversation would have been.

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He would have been tagged with all sorts of names, but because it’s a woman, people are quite about as if it’s normal but we won’t allow such acts to continue and Akuapem should know when to draw the lines.

We are saddened by the discomfort she created for our ‘Rockstar’ and we would urge Kuami Eugene to press charges against her even if necessary.

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One Social media user, Comedian OB was left shaken and angry after watching the video and wrote;

“This is just stupid and grossly unacceptable!
I am shaking with anger as I watch this. What kind of gender abusive culture are we encouraging in this country.

You can clearly see the discomfort on the young man’s face. But she is a woman. She can get away with this. Because she has a child and no one knows what she has been through as a woman.

Siasem kwa.”

Watch the disgusting video below:




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