“Akuapem Poloo is the causer of all her problems, she must blame herself for pleading guilty in court so easily” – Inusah Fuseini

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Former MP for Tamale Central, Inusah Fusieni says Akuapem Poloo needs to blame herself for all the predicaments and troubles she has brought on herself.

According to the experienced lawyer, Akuapem Poloo threw in the towel so easily and cheaply when she appeared in court. An action that gave the court an easy task to pronounce judgement on her.

Speaking on CITI TV’s The Big Issue show yesterday, Inusah Fuseini intimated that Brown’s admission of guilt gave no room for the true intent behind the act to be probed.

“I don’t think she meant to corrupt public morals whatsoever. I believe she had a different intention, we call this ‘Mens rea’ in law. The intention must synchronize with the act, to establish a crime. But when you plead guilty, you deprive the court of the ability to probe the intention behind your action.

That is my problem. We have seen many others commit the same offence but have not gone through what she’s been taken through. She has been a victim of her own circumstances.”

Inusah Fuseini also chided Akuapem Poloo for sharing such explicit material on social media without proper discretion. He believes the social media personality shot herself in the foot with her actions.

“If her intention was genuinely to teach her son some principles of life such as not chasing after worldly treasures because you will die empty-handed, that would have been fine. Naked we came, naked we shall go. If this truly was her intention she would not have published it.

Many of such things happen in people’s bedrooms but because they are not published, no one has a problem with it. It doesn’t affect anyone’s morals. I don’t know why she will go-ahead to publish such a thing. Maybe because she is a celebrity, she thought that everything of hers must be on social media platforms.”

Akuapem Poloo was sentenced to a 90-day jail term on Friday, April 16 2021 by an Accra Circuit Court for posting what could be described as obscene material on Instagram.



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