Akufo Addo Has Helped Me A Lot- Kalybos

Ghanaian comic actor Kalybos, the only boss with one ‘s’ was one of the many celebrities who preached the good news of the NPP during the presidential elections.

Kalybos has finally revealed why he decided to support the NPP in the last general election.

Speaking in an interview on TV3, the comedian disclosed that he supported Akufo Addo and the NPP because of the “Free SHS” policy.

According to him, before the implementation of the policy he was spending almost all his money on his nephews and nieces in the secondary school.

Kalybos claims before he became famous and started getting money he depended on his uncles and aunties for survival so now that he has started making money he is responsible for taking care of his nephews and nieces in the secondary cycle.

“My point of view is that coming from my side of an Ashanti home, when you become the breadwinner there is a lot of responsibility because I had to get my uncles supporting me and so when you come out successful, you get 10 times that burden on you. For a long time, I couldn’t save much because always I had to keep on paying fees”, he said.

He added, “These fees go out to those entering the Secondary Schools, and primary schools. I supported the policy of Free SHS. Trust me, ever since the policy came in, I could hardly save and make use of the money. That was my point of view, I didn’t go in for any other reason”. 

Blame Ghanaians For The Hardship In Ghana- Kalybos

Ghanaian comic actor, Kalybos aka the only boss with one ‘s’ has said that the citizens of Ghana should be blamed for the hardship in the country.

Speaking on TV3, Kalybos has said that he understands there is hardship everywhere in the world but Ghana’s own is different and the citizens should be blamed for that.

According to him, “Talking about the economy now, it’s crazy how things are going. This is not the Ghana we know. This is not the happy living citizens, you wake up, go to work and you get something in your pocket, but now the inflation…

He added that “It is general but what makes it worse is that something is general and yours is like on top. Ours is just out of the bloom. The citizens in it is not helping with that. We all know there is hardship and inflation is crazy but how can normal citizens be complaining about this and be aiding to make the economy hard”.

“A drink I used to buy at 15 cedis has now skyrocketed to $35 within a short period of time”, he cited an example.

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