Akwasi Awuah is heartless about the poor church members because he’s childless – Kumchacha fires

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Awuah is under fire on the internet for stating that church funds should not be provided to poor, needy, or ill church members, even if they are dying.

Evangelist Akwasi Awuah asked his fellow pastors to cease helping their church members in need.

Ghanaians, he says, must realize that the church’s funds belong to the ministry’s guardians, not the congregation.

This statement from Akwasi Awuah has become a popular topic online, particularly among disillusioned Christians.

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This dispute has pushed Prophet Kumchacha to weigh in on the entire mess. According to Prophet Kumchacha, Akwasi Awuah has no empathy because he’s childless.

Awuah is now displaying the exact lifestyle he campaigned against before he got wealthy, he fumed.

So, the FAQS is, should the church support the poor even if the offertory and tithes come from them?


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