Alex Anthopoulos Wife, Cristina; Who Is She?

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Being the general manager of the Major League Baseball team, the Atlanta Braves has put him in the spotlight, but what can be said about Alex Anthopoulos wife? Who is Cristina, the sweetheart of the professional baseball executive?

Contained in this article is all that you need to know about Alex, his career, and everything else that you may not have known about him but the focus is going to be largely on Alex Anthopoulos wife Cristina.

What have you heard about the Canadian-Greek baseball general manager?

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You will get to see who he is in this write-up.

Alex Anthopoulos Wife: Biography of Alex

Alex Anthopoulos Salary

Born in Montreal, Quebec, to John Anthopoulos, who ran a heating and ventilation business until his passing in 1998, Anthopoulos is of Greek Canadian origin.

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The youngest of three sons, he had a very lively childhood although the details of how he related with his older brothers are not available to us.

To concentrate on music, primarily the bass guitar, Anthopoulos gave up playing sports as a teenager.

Both of his brothers played the guitar, and one of them was also a drummer and singer.

McMaster University awarded Anthopoulos a degree in economics.

It is not too clear if Alex Anthopoulos wife also attended the same university, but Alex went on to build a successful career.

Alex’s Career

Alex Anthopoulos

The Canadian baseball executive began his career in baseball management a little over two decades ago now; since then, he has achieved quite a lot and has been with quite a number of teams.

Anthopoulos was employed as an unpaid intern with the Montreal Expos in 2000, where he sorted players’ fan mail.

He began by working in the mail room, then attended games with the scouts and took notes.

Eventually, he was sent to a scouting internship in Florida.

He received a promotion to the coordinator of scouting for the Expos in 2002.

While serving as the deputy scouting director, he would leave the squad after the 2003 campaign.

So was Alex Anthopoulos wife, Cristina Anthopoulos with him around this time, or they hadn’t gotten married, or seen each other yet?

Well, this information would be made clear when we talk about how their relationship began and when they got married.

In his career so far, Alex Anthopoulos has worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2016 to 2017, the Toronto Blue Jays from 2003 to 2015, and the Montreal Expos from 2000 to 2003.

He presently holds the position of general manager of baseball operations for the Atlanta Braves.

On November 13, 2017, Anthopoulos was appointed executive vice president and general manager of the Atlanta Braves after agreeing to a four-year contract.

The Braves promoted Anthopoulos to the post of president of baseball operations in February 2020 and extended his deal through the 2024 season.

We have just about enough information about him and it is no longer in question that he is a very popular person.

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But is Alex Anthopoulos wife, Cristina as popular as her husband?

Alex Anthopoulos Wife, Cristina; Who Is She?

Alex Anthopoulos Wife

Alex Anthopoulos wife, Cristina Anthopoulos, is famed for being the wife of the Canadian professional baseball manager, Alex, but not much is known about her.

In 2010, Anthopoulos wed Cristina Anthopoulos, with whom he had two children, Julia and John.

Unlike her celebrity husband, Cristina is not so popular.

Vain has been our efforts in trying to get more information about her.

She is believed to be Portuguese.

Her early life, parents, siblings, place of birth and educational background are all not available to us.

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