Alisha Watts obituary and death hoax: Is she dead or alive?

Alisha Watts obituary and death hoax: Is she dead or alive? Alisha is not dead at the moment. She is just missing and officers are still hunting for her.

Alisha’s name is connected to her boyfriend James Dunmore, who was not breathing and was discovered in the parking lot of the Anson County DMV office on Highway 74 exactly one week ago, on July 18, according to troopers.

According to deputies, he was brought to a nearby hospital and the car he was driving was abandoned at the DMV. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department received a missing person complaint for Allisha Watts the next day. Police were informed by family members that she was last seen in Charlotte on July 16.

According to her family, Moore County resident Watts, 39, was last seen leaving University City, where her boyfriend lives. He was the man, according to the detectives who searched her car. Channel 9 withholds his name because CMPD won’t identify if he’s a suspect or a person of interest.

Then, on July 20, the Anson County Sheriff’s Office was informed about Watts’ missing person complaint, two days after the automobile was discovered. They also discovered that she was the owner of the car that was registered at the DMV. Watts was not to be seen despite deputies searching the car and the vicinity.

Towing the vehicle to CMPD for processing. On Tuesday, family members and friends who were getting more anxious to find out what had happened to Watts looked along a country road close to Wadesboro. They are searching for any indication of Stephanie Johnson, a close friend of Watts, but she wouldn’t reveal what brought them there.

“Her family misses her,” Johnson said. “Her father and her mother are looking for her desperately. Her sisters, her friends — we just want Allisha home.”

The family told Channel 9′s Dan Matics they learned about the updates in the case through our reporting.

“I was amazed because the police are not keeping the family up to speed, or what was going on, or where they were at in their investigation,” Johnson said.

The family said with each day that passes, they worry even more.

“She is not the type of person that would just leave and disappear and not have contact with her family and her friends,” Johnson said. “She’s loved and we want her home.”

The Anson County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information about Watts to call them, the Moore County Sheriff’s Office, or CMPD.

Alisha Watts obituary and death hoax: Is she dead or alive?

In the meantime, Alisha Watts is still missing. Some have interpreted her trending story to death and people are wondering if she is dead or alive.

Watts’ black SUV was reportedly discovered by troopers on July 18 in the parking area of the Anson County Department of Motor Vehicles office. According to the authorities, her boyfriend was discovered unconscious inside the car.

For this reason, police in North Carolina are looking for a lady, 39, who has been missing for about two weeks. Allisha Dene Watts was last seen leaving a home on Pamela Lorraine Drive in Charlotte on July 16, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina.

On July 16, she was allegedly seen heading in the direction of Moore County in her black 2023 Mercedes Benz GLC 300. According to her relatives, she went to see her lover James Dunmore, according to the local station WCNC.


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