Alison Kosik: Who Is The CNN Anchor? The Facts Here

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Who is the CNN anchor Alison Kosik? You may have asked yourself this and may have asked someone about her. When they accomplish milestones, they become household names and that is what Alison has done.

She is one of the good journalists out there, and if you think someone working in a powerful organization like CNN is not good enough, you have some convincing to do for anyone the takes you seriously.

Well, what you are going to see about Alison Kosik in this article should convince you if you have difficulty with not just my assertion but the assertion of many people that she is good at what she does. Who is she?

Alison Kosik Biography

Alison Kosik CNN
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Alison Kosik is a CNN Business Correspondent who specializes in covering the New York Stock Exchange. She was born in Florida, United States of America, on April 28, 1971.

Kosik spent her childhood in Miami, Florida, with her parents, Gilbert and Brenda Kosik.


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Education is something that is to be taken seriously.

What is Alison’s educational background?

She graduated from Nova High School and American University in Washington, D.C. with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.


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It was not such a difficult time getting her hands full after completing her education and that goes a long way to indicate just how good Alison Kosik is.

Kosik began her career as a reporter for KZTV-TV and KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi, Texas, shortly after graduation.

She subsequently relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida, where she worked for WPEC-TV/WFL-TV as a reporter and fill-in anchor.

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Following a brief stint with the aforementioned TV networks, Kosik relocated to Washington, D.C., where he now works as a business correspondent for Energy/, covering the energy sector.

She also worked for Sinclaire Broadcast Group as a reporter and anchor, as well as Hearst-Argyle Television as a reporter.

Kosik relocated to New York City, where she was offered and accepted an investigative reporting position with WCBS-TV.

Alison Kosik CNN

Alison Kosik

For all of the jobs she had done after graduating from school, she was only preparing herself for the big one, not to say the places she had worked aren’t big enough.

She currently works for CNN as a business correspondent covering the New York Stock Exchange. Kosik was awarded a Scripps Howard New Media Fellowship by Columbia University in 2001.

She was also named Best Spot News by the Florida Associated Press in 1999. 1993 members of the international Radia and Television Society accompanied her.

I am sure you won’t spare us if we don’t give you the gist about Alison Kosik net worth. Well, we promised you the facts about her, and the facts about her we shall give you. So what is Alison Kosik net worth?

Alison Kosik Net Worth

Kosik is a well-known CNN news anchor.

She has amassed a large sum of money and has invested it wisely to become a millionaire. Her current estimated net worth is $2 million.

Is the CNN news anchor married? Who is Alison Kosik husband?

Alison Kosik Husband

Alison Kosik Husband

The CNN anchor has been married for well over twelve years now; a decade and a half. Who is her husband? She is married to Adam Huckett, a banker in New York.

It was in 2008 that Alison Kosik married her longtime lover, Adam Huckett.

Banker Adam Huckett and Alison currently have three children.


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