All lesbians I know are beautiful but you are just the opposite – Troll takes on popular UK-based lesbian Dorcas

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Dorcas of Deelyn fame has clashed with a fan who called her ugly and unattractive on social media.

The lady proclaimed in a video that all lesbians she knows are beautiful but Dorcas is exactly the opposite.

Apparently, the lady got pissed after she came across a video of Dorcas having fun and twerking on the backdrop of a song in a manner that meant to tell her haters to go to hell.

Dorcas aka Dee, upon sighting the invectives from the stranger retaliated with ‘more fire’ as shown in the video below;

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Similarly, Dorcas recently flaunted her sexual orientation despite the highly conservative nature of Ghanaians toward gays in the country.

Sharing a dapper photo of herself, Dee said she’s proud of being gay and won’t change her attitude because of societal stereotypes especially the hostility on social media aimed at gays from the African end of the landscape.

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“I’m not here to beg you to accept my SEXUALITY, I’m here to let you know I EXIST and I’m VALID, I’m a LESBIAN, a STUD and I exist to appeal to our FEMS, I’m not a MAN, I’m a WOMAN, I’m not a DADDY, I’m a ZADDY soon to be HUSBAND Not a Husband, you are Welcome #Dee #GayPride.”


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