Allan Finnegan wife: Who is Joyce Finnegan?

Allan Finnegan illness

Joyce Finnegan, the wife of Allan Finnegan, has now come into focus following the devastating news that serves as the central point of this report.

Who is Allan Finnegan?

Allan Finnegan, a Baptist minister from Liverpool, gained recognition as a comedian during Series 14 of Britain’s Got Talent, where he reached the semi-finals.

His audition was strategically placed after the performance of the ‘demonic’ dance troupe, The Coven, to emphasize the stark contrast. During his audition, he humorously touched upon his married life and shared anecdotes from his ministerial training. David, one of the judges, described him as “super funny” and “very memorable,” while Alesha praised him as a “breath of fresh air.”

Shortly after his audition aired, Allan Finnegan was interviewed from his home by Lorraine Kelly on Good Morning Britain with Lorraine.

For his semi-final performance, Finnegan made a grand entrance from a pulpit accompanied by organ music. He proceeded to entertain the audience with jokes about self-isolation, dieting, and presiding over funerals. David commended his act, particularly enjoying the jokes that reflected his profession.

However, Alesha felt that his performance fell slightly short that night, expressing that it was “under-par,” and Ashley mentioned feeling disconnected halfway through the act.

Allan Finnegan illness: What cancer is he suffering from?

In the year 2022, Finnegan received a diagnosis of ocular melanoma, which was effectively treated. However, in 2024, his cancer resurfaced as an incurable form of liver cancer.

His chances of survival were slim, with the only hope lying in a series of three surgeries, each costing £50,000. To gather the necessary funds, Finnegan created a “GoFundMe” page, aiming to secure the means to afford at least one of these crucial surgeries.

Allan Finnegan health issues

Allan Finnegan opened up on his condition to Liverpool Echo saying: “I got diagnosed with eye cancer two years ago in December, which I’d never heard of. I was treated just after Christmas that year.

“It went well but the biopsy looked at my genes – if you’ve got a certain type of gene, there’s quite a high chance of cancer returning, and when it does, it usually is in the liver.

“Then in December last year, something showed up. I had to go back. It confirmed it had spread. I went to a consultant just after Christmas. He confirmed it was untreatable.”

The star has been living with diabetes, and was alerted to the tumours because he undergoes regular check-ups for his eyes.

He said: “Just before the check-up, the vision in my left eye started going slightly darker and I started seeing flashes.

“I mentioned it but they originally found something in my right eye. I kept saying there’s something in my left eye.”

Who is Allan Finnegan wife: Who is Joyce Finnegan?

Allan expressed that the news has caused immense devastation to his wife Joyce, as well as their daughters Beccy and Rachael.

“Watching my wife and kids cry, seeing other people cry, that makes me more emotional,” he added.

Sharing his story on his page, he said: “I’m fundraising for life saving cancer treatment not available on the NHS.

“I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma 2 years ago and was treated successfully but unfortunately it has now metastasised into my liver and is incurable.

“I’ve been given 12 months but could extend this by receiving Chemosaturation Therapy, directly to the liver (Delcath).

“This would give me some valuable time with my family, friends and new 3 month old grandson, Albie. The treatment costs £50,000 per dose and I’ve been advised that I’ll need at least 3.”

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