Alleged “voodoo” masquerade turns to Christ, preaches God’s word in the street [Video]

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Alleged "voodoo" masquerade turns to Christ, preaches God's word in the street [Video]

An alleged voodoo masquerade has dumped his fetish practices and turned to the saving grace of Christ Jesus which pushed him to preach in the street.

The incident which occurred in Nigeria gives an account of the masquerade preaching feverishly and asking others to surrender their lives to Christ Jesus.

Speaking in Igbo, the man is seen striding to and fro as he clutched what looks like a Bible between his chest and palm.

Onlookers could not help but look at him with surprise and shock written over their faces. It is unsure if the man is actually a voodoo masquerade who had decided to lay aside the age-long traditions of “voodoo” practice to accept the contemporary and purist Christian religion.

It is also unclear if his conversion was spiritually induced or it was his personal decision to convert.

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