Allowing Michy To Talk About ‘Success’ To High School Students Is Very “Dangerous” Considering The Disgusting Things Her ‘Shameless’ Ex Wale Said About Her

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Michy has turned into a new leaf and is a totally different person. I believe she regrets most of the actions she took in the past and now wants to do the right things to make up for her past mistakes but that is not enough until she comes out to give some sort of explanation.

Okay, so you are lost right? Let me break things down for you.

It’s no news that Michy and her ex-boyfriend are over and now she’s living an ‘independent’ life far away from him. She’s started her own food business and recently even announced that she’s built her own house.

Michy Gh

That is not even the news. Michy has an NGO called ‘Michy Women Empowerment Foundation’ and last year, she organised some hairstyling masterclass for some young girls.

Now Michy is taking things a bit further, by going on a high school tour to empower students and her first stop was at the Kwabenya Senior High school on 19th March, 2019.

I don’t judge people by their past, it’s their present that’s important but looking at the scandalous revelation her baby daddy and ex-lover Shatta Wale said about her on 4th March, 2019 it’s demeaned her brand and does not make her a good role model who should be allowed to talk to our students on anything about ‘Success’

Now for those who have forgotten, sometime in March during the time Shatta Wale had his beef with his former right-hand man, Pope Skinny, he revealed that he allowed Michy to sleep with other men for money.

Ghanaians were shocked when Shatta shamelessly said that about Michy and since then, everyone has this perception on the kind of woman she is, reason why it’s ‘dangerous’ to allow her to talk to young ones about success because she’s not a standard.

Since that revelation, Michy has neither come out to confirm or deny and it’s worrying because even before Shatta came out to say that about her, there had been rumours about her sleeping with people to acquire wealth and properties.

Now for her to be talking to high school students about ‘success in life’ sends a wrong signal to these students who also read the news and I personally feel, she should not be allowed to speak about ‘success’ to students.

Sleep with other men, make the money and booom, you are now a motivational speaker in the country. That’s a dangerous path to lead our children on, especially young girls.

Michy is now a public figure and based on the shocking revelation made by her ex-boyfriend, if we care about the future of our kids, she should not be allowed in our schools to speak to our children until she comes out to show remorse.

Check out a post on IG after her tour at Kwabenya Senior High School:

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