Alpha hour: Ghanaian woman shares testimony of how her dead mother sent her ₵14,000 through MoMo, netizens react

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A Ghanaian woman, Naa Adoley Jeffanet has revealed how the God of ‘Alpha Hour’ came through for her by using her dead mother as an agent to bless her.

Alpha Hour is a Christian broadcast programme transmitted live on Facebook that sees the assemblage of Christians praying fervently for one hour at midnight.

In a testimony that has been described as a cock and bull story by some skeptics, Naa Adoley said her late mom realising the difficulties she was going through magically dumped a cool ₵14,000 on her Mobile Money wallet.

Her story has evoked mixed reactions but before we add our own perspective to it, here’s the full story she shared;

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“Seriously on Friday night I cried my self out because I felt empty and lonely 😩 I was broke to the point that my last money left for my project was 2000gh but I haven’t reach anywhere.

I really believe my mum spirit is always around me, because most of my customers and pastors that have eyes always tells me there is another woman in my shop anytime they visit. I got tired 😴 and decided to quit again. Then Laila Osman tagged me during ALPHA HOUR, I pray for only 10min and I just slept 🛌. In the morning that was Saturday I finished washing took my bath and decided to eat and sleep.

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I took my phone and I saw momo traction of 14000gh. I’m not expecting any money from anyone oooo. So I called a friend who is owing me over 40000gh that his he the one who sent the money.

He said no. I was just shaking🤔🤔🤔then I quickly run to the MTN OFFICE at darkuman. To know if it a wrong transaction to my account.

Still no trance. So we called the one who did the transaction and he said my MOTHER SAID HE SHOULD SEND ME THE MONEY 💴,for a second I was scared 😱 the guy described my mum and I said okay ✅ at this moment I have cashed out all the momo. Still I CANT BELIEVE IT BUT I BUY AIR CONDITION FROM THE MONEY 💴”

However popular Ghanaian spiritualist, historian, and influencer Odehe Bi has poured cold water on her unbelievable story by raising salient points that perforate holes in her narration.

He wrote;

“Tier 2 MTN Momo customers have a limit of 5,000GHS daily and the highest amount you can receive in your account in a day is exactly GHS 10,000. So how come she received money far above the daily receivable limit? 14,000gh she received meanwhile the limit you can receive in a day is 10,000gh. Even if the money comes in bits, so far as it exceeds the limit, money can’t be received again for the day. What of the transaction and e-levy charges, where did they pass? Or is MTN hiding something from us which we don’t know? I want someone to educate me on this Momo transaction and limits if I’m wrong. I want to learn.

Cash in and payment received comes with the agent’s name only but not a number. So how did you get the agent’s number to call? If MTN gave you the agent’s number, then it’s a breach of privacy because they shouldn’t have sent you the agent’s number without a permission from the agent.

That’s unfair and criminal. How come the agent was able to describe the person’s mother to her? Was she the only person who came to send money that day?

Secondly, in spirituality, ghosts don’t send monies to accounts. The only power the dead has is to give you favour, luck and protection in your life and business so that more people patronize your services for you to get more money and customers and good name.

For physical cash, ghosts don’t wield that power to send monies directly to people’s money accounts. Ghosts can’t posses physical things and as such, can’t hold cash to go to a mobile money agent and send money or something. Ghosts can’t even do bank transfers. Anyways!!”

See a few reactions;

Kwesi Countryman II
But she didn’t mention anything like ghost? Or The decribed woman by the guy is deceased?

Nana Cyruz Aboagye
Odehe Bi I went to the office to do it for me. Secondly, she didn’t say that her mum sent it to her. She said the person said her mum told him to do it for him. So it wasn’t her mum that’s deposited it directly into her account.

Belynda Naa Odey Hammond
Naa Aduorkor Hammond, it’s been long, you revealed yuaself, if you can see this, do something ooo na I know you are always around me but on a second thought, Odehe Kojo can a reincarnated spirit continue doing good from the spirit world? Please help me

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