Ama K. Abebrese Is Just Achaic Now & Needs To Be Attended To

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I always have problems when our celebrities do not take their online presence seriously. It seems as though, they do not know the impact it has on them as a celebrity. In Ghana, whereas some celebrities have gone through the conscious effort in getting their online presence managed well, some are just too dumb about what all that is. As every celebrity or brand, a personal website is very essential, as that can say all about you on the world wide web. For instance, if someone should google your name, your website should show up in results, and when anyone clicks on it and taken to your website, that person should be able to know everything about you. I mean your biography, what you do, what you’ve done, your official social networks, and all press releases you make. It should be everything, because if any other international body wants to find out more about you and perhaps give you an award or get you a contract, your website, should be able to link them to you, without going through any hustle.

Today, i just want to deal with Ama K. Abebrese’s website because i like her personally, infact the first time i saw her, i got my eyes on one part of her body. Oh, please am not telling you.  If you click here, it will take you to Ama K Abebrese’s official website, and don’t be surprised if the design is not stunning and the pictures there are very very old too. I almost thought it was not hers, but after seeing it linked on her Facebook page, then i was sure it is really hers. The design does not befit her social status if you ask me but that is not a paramount concern here, the concern is with the content that is on website. Her press page is supposed to give more information about what she’s doing, what’s she’s done and all that, but that is not the case. You would come across very old magazine covers she got featured on and that’s all. Nothing about her movies, shows she’s hosted like A day in A Life which showed on Viasat 1 for sometime, and even the current show she’s part of on Tv3, or even her anti-bleaching campaign or her latest milestone as a Dark & Lovely ambassador. Her press page has nothing to give anybody. If you go to her video and photo gallery, it’s still the same old stuff she did years ago, nothing current at all. My jaws dropped in awe especially when i  saw that her social media links on the website have not been linked to her current ones yet, at a time when there are fake celebrity pages all over the place. I wonder why her website even exists, since there is nothing fresh on there.

ama k. abebrese magazine
Yeah right, this is on her press page. Probably got this in 2007, so achaic now!

I mean for an award winning actress, tv presenter, producer, if her website cannot be stunning enough, at least it should be updated if not weekly at least monthly. I know she would read this or at least someone would tell her so she makes that change. That last time i wrote about something like this was Nadia Buari who used the domain on her twitter page as if she had bought that domain and connected it to a website. The good thing was that, she saw the article and removed it immediately but that domain name is still sitting somewhere not bought.

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So yeah, some of the free things we do for celebs, I pray Ama K. calls whoever designed her website and make updates on it.


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