Amakye Dede made the biggest mistake when he crowned Kuami Eugene as ‘Highlife King’ – Zapp Mallet

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Amakye Dede, during a short performance at the 2019 VGMAs eulogized Kuami Eugene who won the Highlife Artiste of the Year award on the night and went ahead to put a crown on his head as the “Highlife King”.

It’s almost year after the incident and seasoned music Producer Zapp Mallet has added his voice to the issue.

To the best knowledge of Zapp Mallet, there may be something wrong with Amakye Dede to have done that on the night.

Zapp Mallet speaking to Hammer Nti of “Hammer Time” fame, said h still can’t figure out the rationale behind the action of the ace Highlife musician.

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He, therefore, envisage that Amakye Dede has clearly shown he has sold his hard-won throne and fame to the little boy Kuami Eugene.

“How can you crown Kuami Eugene as King of Highlife whiles the King is still alive. Even you who crowned him King, is he (Kuami Eugene) better than you)? What is wrong with you? How can you go and take your throne and go and give it to somebody”? Zapp Mallet made his wild comment in an interview with Hammer Nti on “Hammer Time” show.

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Zapp Mallet, however, insisted that Amakye Dede could have been pardoned if he had crowned the young artistes as a “Prince”.

“If you had said he is the Prince that would be understandable but to say he is the King …..”, he said.

Enjoy the interview below:

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