Amanda Abbington Husband: Is She Married?

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman were together for quite a while, and though they were not officially married, they lived together and had two children. But when things went sour between them, they split and went their separate ways. Now, people want to know who Amanda Abbington’s husband is. So, is the English actress married?

In this article, we are going to talk about the relationship status of the English actress. All these have come up in the wake of her comments about what led to her split from Martin Freeman. So, what did she say about her former partner, with whom she had two children?

Why Amanda Abbington Left Martin Freeman

Amanda Abbington has been speaking this week about why she had to split from Martin Freeman. We will learn about Amanda Abbington’s husband in a moment, but her comments about her past relationship have generated discussion and a lot of conversation about her relationship status.

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman never married but cohabitated in Hertfordshire, where they had two children—a son named Joe and a daughter named Grace—before calling it quits in 2016. They kept their breakup a secret from everyone for six months before it was made public.

The 51-year-old Amanda, who will appear on Strictly Come Dancing this season, opened out to The Sunday Times Magazine about their breakup and revealed the devastating reason for their breakup.

“When we broke up nobody knew, we didn’t tell anybody except for a few key people because they had to know, because of the logistics of hotels and stuff. It took six months for it to get out and a lot of that was while we were working on Sherlock… We were professional and we were going to get on and make a show and be civil to each other,” Amanda said.

“We still get on really well, we still really both admire each other as actors… he’s a great guy, but we just couldn’t live with each other anymore,” she added.

“It was breaking up with Martin and then realising I needed to sort myself out because I was a bit of a mess. I hated myself,” she explained. Amanda went on to recall how, after the split, she was left feeling like she’d let people down, and her mantra soon became “You could always kill yourself”. She continued: “That was a genuine option for me, quite a few times in my life. Then I don’t have to be this bad person because I don’t have to be here anymore.”

It’s quite heartbreaking to have to split from someone you have lived with for years and even had children with. You can imagine how really painful it was for both parties, but they seem to have gotten over it now. Currently, who is Amanda Abbington’s husband? Is she married or dating anyone?

Amanda Abbington Husband: Is She Married?

Amanda Abbington Husband: Is She Married?
As of October 2021, Abbington was engaged to former escapologist Jonathan Goodwin.

Since 2021, she has been with Jonathan Goodwin, but the retired escapologist and daredevil does not yet have the title of Amanda Abbington’s husband. They have been engaged since 2021. Goodwin was raised at Robeston Wathen after being born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He attended Tasker Milward Voluntary Controlled School in Haverfordwest, which is now closed.

Amanda Abbington and Goodwin are engaged. They had been online buddies for many years, but they didn’t actually meet until after her divorce from Martin Freeman. Within 30 minutes of their first meeting in Vienna, Goodwin popped the question.

Sooner or later, Jonathan Goodwin will become Amanda Abbington’s husband. English actress Amanda Abbington was born Amanda Jane Smith on February 28, 1972. Her most notable roles in a more than thirty-year stage and screen career include Josie Mardle in Mr. Selfridge (2013–2016) and Mary Morstan in Sherlock (2014–2017).

Among her other roles are Marilyn Harwood in Dream Team (1999–2000), Siobhan in the BBC sitcom After You’ve Gone (2007–2008), and roles in the drama series Cuffs (2015) and Safe (2018). God of Carnage (2018), The Son (2019), and The Unfriend (2022–2023) are a few of the theater roles she has performed in.

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