Amanda Blake Spouse, Career, Films, Death

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On the western television series Gunsmoke, she played “Miss Kitty Russell,” and that catapulted her to fame and earned her the honours of being referred to as one of the best actresses. Today, we talk about Amanda Blake spouse, career beginnings, films and circumstances that led to her death.

She might not be anymore but her influence and work still remain and people constantly make reference to what she did when she was still alive.

We are discussing, among many things, Amanda Blake spouse because her romantic relationship was quite eventful.

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Who is Amanda Blake? Let’s zoom in on her life and career to establish firmly who she was before we look at the situations surrounding her spouse. What do you know or what have you heard about Amanda Blake? See more about her in the profile below.


Amanda Blake

Amanda Blake was born Beverly Louise Neill, the only child of Jesse and Louise Neill, in Buffalo, New York. Her father worked in the banking industry.

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Blake worked as a telephone operator and attended Pomona College for a short time before switching to acting as a full-time career.

Amanda Blake was an American actress best remembered for portraying “Miss Kitty Russell,” a red-haired saloon proprietress on the western television series Gunsmoke.

Who is Amanda Blake Spouse? We shall find out after we have seen how her career began and the things that went into it before her demise.

Amanda Blake Career

Amanda Blake Career

Amanda Blake got signed onto Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the late 1940s because the studio envisioned her as the next Greer Garson.

She starred in a few Hollywood films, including the 1952 western Cattle Town and the 1954 adaption of the Robinson Crusoe adventure Miss Robin Crusoe. She starred in the 1954 film A Star Is Born.

From 1955 to 1974, Blake was most recognized for her 19-year role as Miss Kitty, the saloonkeeper on the television series Gunsmoke.

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Blake introduced a lion named Kemo to the Gunsmoke set on February 27, 1974.

Blake had little time for movies due to her continuous presence on television.

She did appear on several television shows, including a recurrent comedic routine on The Red Skelton Show, as a panelist on the long-running Hollywood Squares, Tattletales, and the 1970s reincarnation of Match Game, and as a comedian on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast.

Blake appeared as Betty Lavon-Coate in Rod Cameron’s crime drama State Trooper in the episode “Coate of Many Colors” in 1957.

She later appeared in two feature films, The Boost, a drug-addiction thriller starring James Woods and Sean Young, and B.O.R.N, both in 1988, following a Gunsmoke reunion picture.

Blake was elected into the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum’s Hall of Great Western Performers in Oklahoma City in 1968.

After Tom Mix and Gary Cooper were admitted in 1958 and 1966, respectively, she was the third performer to be inducted.

That was an interesting Amanda Blake Career beginning, isn’t it? Well, who has been Amanda Blake spouse all this while keeping her company as she does her thing on the screens?

Amanda Blake Spouse

As mentioned earlier on in this article, she had quite an eventful relationship story which makes it a subject of discussion among many people.

What was it about? Well, Amanda had married four times in her life, with her fourth husband dying leaving her a widow until she eventually passed away.

When Amanda Blake spouse is mentioned, reference is made to four men; Don Whitman, Jason Seymour Day Jr., Frank Gilbert and Mark Edward Spaeth.

In 1954, Amanda Blake married Don Whitman, in what was her first marriage. They got divorced in 1956.

In 1964, she married again, this time to Jason Seymour Day Jr., whom she divorced again in 1967. In 1967, the same year she divorced her previous husband, Blake married Frank Gilbert, they too went their separate ways after divorcing in 1982. In 1984, she married Mark Edward Spaeth. Spaeth passed away in 1985.

Do you see why I say it has been eventful as far as her relationship story is concerned? This is why Amanda Blake spouse is a subject widely discussed out there.

Let’s switch focus to Amanda Blake films.

Amanda Blake Films

Amanda Blake spouse

Amanda Blake has starred in various films since making her debut. Some Amanda Blake films include the following; Stars In My Crown, The Boost, Duchess of Idaho, Smuggler’s Gold, Never Trust a Gambler and many others.

What are the circumstances surrounding Amanda Blake death?

She has done well in entertaining people but she left the scene when death came calling, so what caused Amanda Blake death?

Amanda’s Death

Blake was a chain smoker who underwent oral cancer surgery in 1977.

She became a supporter of the American Cancer Society and made appearances across the country to raise money for the organization.

She received the society’s annual Courage Award in 1984, which was given to her by then-US President Ronald Reagan.

Blake’s doctor later claimed that she died of AIDS, which was extensively reported in the popular media.

Her close friends maintain that she was not a drug user or sexually promiscuous and that an Amanda Blake spouse must have given her the disease.

Blake died on August 16, 1989, at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento, California, of liver failure caused by viral hepatitis.

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