Amanda Jissih Finally Shows Off Her ‘Romeo’. It Wasn’t Late President Mills’ Son After All.

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Radio and TV personality Amanda Jissih celebrated her birthday two days ago and pictures of her were been circulated on Instagram by her fans and friends,wishing her a happy birthday. As my job demands being a curious person,I went through Amanda’s Instagram page to see how she was celebrating her birthday and if there was anything i could find worthy for an article, since I love what she does.

To my surprise,i came across  a beautiful picture posted by Amanda and the caption alone was something i couldn’t help but read over and over again.

News came sometime last year that Amanda was dating son of late President Atta Mills, Fiifi Mills, but the picture and the caption i saw revealed that Amanda is deeply in love with her “Romeo”. I also saw a ring on her ring finger which means that they are engaged or planning to get married soon.

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The man is cute tho. To the men out there who are crushing on Amanda,please I have bad news for you; she is in love with another and will marry soon. Sorry guys.

Anyway,i’m very happy for Amanda for finding someone her heart desires to be with. Happy belated birthday Amanda.

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Here is a screenshot of her post below:

Amanda Jissih


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