Amber Rose Says She Won’t Date Any Musician Again

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American model and actress Amber Rose has made a revelation that has shocked many. Amber who made some media rounds stopped by many media outfits but during her stop at Hot 97, a radio station in the USA and The Breakfast Club, she openly spoke about her breakup with Wiz Khalifa, dating famous men and what really went down between her and Chris Brown at the club.

“I sat in the house and cried for four months,” she told the Ebro in the Morning team of her separation from ex-husband Wiz. “Every day. When I woke up. Went to bed. Cried and cried. Wiz was the love of my life and he broke my heart.”

Now, Amber Rose who has been left heartbroken by the famous Wiz Khalifa says she does not want to date any musician again., but does not also intend dating an average man too.

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Speaking on her dating preferences, she said “I personally feel like I don’t want to date a regular guy because a regular guy is not fully going to understand my life”

Amber says, she would rather date a poet. She also revealed that the twerk dance he gave Chris Brown sometime in the club, was just to make her ex-husband jealous.

Watch the video of her interview below:

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