American celebrity, Starr Dawkings sh0cked to see another woman opening her car and sitting inside to snap photos for social media likes

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Starr Dawkings was shocked to find out that the luxurious car she packed outside while probably going to a shopping mall was being used by another woman for a photoshoot.

The famous Instagram Star who was born on November 6, 2003, and hails from Jamaica shared a video showing the moment the woman was opening her car door and sat down to snap pictures for social media.

Dawkings was actually filming her car so she could tell her fans on IG how fortunate she is and how far she has come in this life.

Incidentally the caucasian was busily using her car to snap photos which she obviously want to spread on the gram.

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The entrepreneur captioned; ”I’ve learned when U have money it’s best not to hit these white ppl BUT I’m Furious ! I’m drained having to protect myself in this crazy ass world this coulda been a white kid ready to shoot ! u Caucasian’s in Miami have no home training this is veryyyyy scary @prestigeautospamia your staff should be working and is doing this !!! Nobody was apologetic.”

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