American Idol: Why did Kenedi Anderson drop out?

Kenedi Anderson was one of the contestants of American Idol who blew fans and judges away with her stunning performances in March which led to her earning a Platinum Ticket and a trip to Hollywood.

Last month, Kenedi Anderson sat behind the piano on the stage of American Idol and performed “Applause” by Lady Gaga and since then she has continued to impress fans of the show.

American Idol Kenedi Anderson
Kenedi Anderson

Why did Kenedi Anderson drop out of American Idol?

On April 11th 2022, fans of American Idol got disappointed to hear that Kenedi Anderson had decided to withdraw from the reality TV show. The host, Ryan Seacrest interrupted the broadcast to reveal an important message about Kenedi’s future on the show.

He said, “You might have noticed that there was no voting information during Kenedi’s performance just now,” Seacrest said in a studio. “Since we taped these shows in Hawaii earlier, Kenedi has decided to withdraw from our show for personal reasons. We send her well wishes.”

Kenedi Anderson also took to Instagram on Monday to post about her withdrawal from the show however she termed her dropout as “personal reasons”.

The 17-year-old wrote, “Kenedi wrote that it was a difficult but necessary decision and thanked the judges, producers, fellow contestants, and the fans who have supported her. “Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity to share my voice, chase my dreams, feel so much joy and happiness doing what I love, and make lifelong friends along the way”

Fans of the show started wondering after Kenedi Anderson didn’t show up on Sunday, April 10th on the show but reports suggested that the possible reason for her drop out was “American Idol has not uploaded her performances to their official YouTube channel since her audition,”

Also, on April 4th, Kenedi Anderson’s name wasn’t mentioned on Instagram when all the semifinalists were being congratulated in their story.

Is Kenedi Anderson the first contestant to withdraw from American Idol?

No, Marlea Stroman was the first contestant to drop out of the show in season 4 because her son got sick. Mario Vazquez also dropped out of the show in season 4 and his reason was that he wanted to keep his artistic integrity


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