American rapper, 50 Cent reacts to Ghanaian man who was nearly crushed to death by a taxi after his stunt went wrong

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In a previous publication shared on, it emerged that the man tried to enact a dangerous stunt that we mostly see in Hollywood movies.

Unfortunately for him, he got his calculations wrong and he nearly paid for it with his life after the speeding taxi he tried to jump over hit him hard and went crashing to the ground.

In the video shared by Ghanaian blogger Van De Maestro, the young man who was displaying his gymnastics prowess in public sprinted towards a speeding taxi and attempted to jump over it.

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He failed miserably and landed on the windscreen of the vehicle before being thrown to the ground.

Those he was trying to impress looked on in horror before one guy approached him to check if he was seriously in pain and needed medical attention.

One woman was also heard in the background screaming the name of Jesus after the horrific accident.

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Watch the video below;

Reacting to the unfortunate development, 50 Cent concluded that the guy might have been watching too many action films adding such videos make him laugh a lot.

He reshared the video on his timeline and wrote;

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😆shit like this just makes me laugh. LOL He watched one to many action films 🤣@bransoncognac @lecheminduroi @bottlerover.”


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