American Rapper, Rick Ross Narrates How He Collapsed On Top Of A Woman And She Started Crying Thinking He Was Dead (Video)

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Rick Ross has shared an interesting episode in his life in a radio interview that highlights his addiction to drugs and sex which nearly cost him his life.

The rapper who recently appeared in the sequel to the iconic movie ‘Coming 2 America’ and willingly gave out his huge mansion to be used for parts of the scenes in the movie, basically revealed the effect Codeine addiction had on him.

Rosy revealed he was addicted to Lean (a concoction of cough syrup, soda, hard candy, and, in some cases, alcohol) and it started affecting the quality of his life to the extent he collapsed on top of a woman during a heavy sexual bout with a woman.

He added that he once passed out while having sex? and the girl cried because she thought he died.

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“I was having sex before and I woke up and the girl just next to me [while imitating the girl’s crying voice]” Rick Ross said. Watch the video below.


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