American rapper Rollie Bands shot dead shortly after he challenged his friends on social media

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Rapper Rollie Bands was shot and killed after challenging all his Opps by writing on his Instagram story: “A lot of these n***as [know] where I live at fr. I sleep in peace. If a n***a want to smoke I’m at my crib in 5 mins.”

The sad news has sparked reactions online after multiple sources revealed the rapper has been fatally shot outside his apartment.

One tweeted: “Internet got the youth all messed up. They post, snap, tweet or Facebook every single move they make. Always looking for validation.”

One shared: “people that hate you pay more attention to you than those who love you. y’all gotta be careful over these apps. everything ain’t always a joke.”

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@ReturnOfTheTev commented: “So basically he got exactly what he asked for. Nothing to see here folks. Hope his family doesn’t gotta throw a fish fry to bury him.”

One shared on Instagram: “Smh Rest Easy king but these youngins really don’t respect their life, no one is invincible.”

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