Ana Abulaban Bio, Career, Cause of Death and More

Ana Abulaban was a renowned Japanese born TikTok star, Content creator, Entrepreneur and a social media influencer who gained massive regognition and became popular as the wife of Ali Nassar Abulaban, a well known Sketch Comedian nicknamed Jinked.

Ana Abulaban Age

Ana Abulaban was born in the year 1993, even though details about her exact date and day of birth is not known, it is a fact that she was born in 1998IN Okinawa, Japan and was 28 years old before her ultimate death.

Ana Abulaban Cause of Death

On the 21st day of October in 2021, the entire world was thrown into a complete state of schock when it was confirmed that the budding TikTok Star has passed away.

Ana Abulaban
Ana Abulaban And her boyfriend

In as much as her death was a painful one to swallow, it was the news about what particularly caused her death that was more shocking and took everyone by storm.

It was stated according to multiple sources that Ana Abulaban was murdered by her own husband. It was alleged that she was shot dead alongside her friend identified as  Rayburn Cardenas by the man she actually exchanged marital vows with.

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Her Educational Background

Having a great mindset of becoming someone important to society in future always comes with the idea of getting a better education. Ana Abulaban had same tghoughts and took her education very serious right from a young age.

She had her basic and secondary level of education successfully in her birth town and gained admission to the Theological University of Philippines where she studied hard and graduated in the field of Bachelor of Science.

Right After her education, She moved to the United States of America where she quickly took advantage of the Dominance of Social media to create a huge name and a brand for herself.

Ana Abulaban Net Worth

Before her death, Ana Abulaban was making some good amount of money especially from her career as a TikToker, she had an estimated Net worth of $2 million united States Dollars.


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