Anas Aremeyaw Anas Investigation Leads To Arrest of Two Nutrition Officers

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In this week’s episode of Africa Investigates, Ghanaian undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas exposes the theft and black market sale of foreign food aid by nutrition officers of the Ghanaian government in the country’s impoverished north.

Thousands of children in northern Ghana suffer from acute malnutrition. Many die.

Despite the provision of substantial food aid to the region, Anas documents how local families cannot access adequate food at clinics and distribution centers.

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His months-long investigation reveals how officials of the Ghana Health Service – tasked with distributing the aid to starving children – are stealing and selling it for their own gain.

After secretly filming the stockpiling and sale of stolen food aid by nutrition officers, Anas presents the shocking evidence to Ghanaian police. Police raids then result in the dramatic on-camera arrest of those responsible.

Finally Anas shows his undercover footage to a stunned Dr. James, director of The King’s Village Health Center, which treats thousands of Ghana’s malnourished children. Shaking his head in despair, Dr. James says, “This is comparable to murder.”

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Spell of The Albino, a previous investigation Anas filmed for Africa Investigates, won a One World Media Award and was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award.

Ghana: Food for Thought, the fourth episode of Africa Investigates, premiered on Wednesday, 3 November 2014, and repeats on 4 December at 11:30, 5 December at 05:30, 6 December at 18:30, and 7 December at 07:30 CAT.

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