And Fella Makafui Cried—Watch Tears Flow As She Inspires People To Be Determined At The Launch Of Her New Business

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Some weeks ago, news broke that Fella Makafui’s wine business had been closed down by her angry boyfriend for reasons that she changed towards him and stopped giving him the attention he needed. Although Fella Makafui has not officially denied or admitted that the story is true, it’s a fact that, that the store was closed but her wine business is still in operation as she quickly rented another store within the same East Legon environs, not so far from where the old one was.

During the time, she announced also that she was going to launch a new business, ‘Beauty By Fella’ and as announced, she did so yesterday, June 30th to tell the public what she’s now into.

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From what gathers her new business would be selling beauty products and at the launch yesterday, the first product which is eyelashes was launched under the brand name ‘Beauty By Fella.

Fella Makafui
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It would not be anything different from what the likes of Hajia4Real, Juliet Ibrahim, and other celebrities do these days–Selling beauty products by using their brand names and we are certain, soon she would be adding Fella Makafui perfumes, Fella Makafui body lotion, Fella Makafui makeups and so on and so forth.

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Giving her speech at the launch, the young actress broke down in tears at some point, saying that it’s not easy to be a young person doing soo many things at a time and getting criticised wrongly.

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Yeah, we feel her pain—People have said she made her money ‘bonking’ men and it must be painful when people do not believe it’s just hard work huh?

She inspired all those present and young people like her to be determined and know that the journey to success wouldn’t be an easy one.

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Watch the video below and follow her new business on Instagram here

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