Angela Basset Net Worth : How much is the Actress Worth?

Angela Basset Net Worth = $25 million

What is Angela Basset Net Worth?

Angela Basset has made some good income throughout her career as an actress, she has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Who is She?

Angela Bassett is a renowned American actress, producer, and a Director Born on August 16, 1958 New York, United States of America to Daniel Benjamin Bassett and Betty Jane Bassett. What this means is that Angela Bassett age is 64 as of the year 2022.

Angela Basset Twin Sister 

Angela Bassett Does not have a Twin Sister, She Rather gave birth to Twins namely Bronwyn Vance and Slater Vance who were born in January 2006.

Unlike Famous stars who struggles to make quality time and raise their kids, Angela Bassett did have any problem in raising up her twins at all. Being a mother comes naturally to the actress who shares her teenage twins on countless occasions  alongside her longtime husband Courtney B. Vance.

It is said that some mothers have favorite when it comes to twins, but Angela Bassett loved her twins equally. “I had ‘Emma king up beds at eighteen months” the 9-1-1 star jokingly told Closer Weekly and other news agencies during an event in October 2019. She said her twins does everything right.

Since they were born, they brought much joy into the family. Angela once said it’s difficult not to focus all attention on your children because they come so helpless, beautiful and with a very good smell and they are designed just to suck their mother.

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According to Shondaland, Angela said her twins are persuasive and will made you focus all your attention on them and eventually put your dreams on the back burner at times. She made this revelation while promoting her Netflix movie titled Otherhood.

Angela Basset
Angela Basset

The mother of twins still gets overwhelmed when she thinks of Slater as a little boy who is quickly growing up who paved a career in Hollywood has attended tons of Hollywood events with his parents.

Angela joked on the People Every Day podcast show that they should let her twins discover the gravity of being a superstar in January 2021.

Bronwyn Vance on the other hand looks to her mother for the example of what to do and how to be, she explained to vulture in 2019.

Bronwyn considers her mother to be an amazing role medal to her. So it’s not no surprise the mother and daughter shared a strong bond of love. They pend quality times together. The SAG Award winner shared the cutest mother and daughter pictures in January 2020.

Career and Awards

AngelA has had an amazing career so far, ranking herself as one of the to actresses to appear in the movie industry as wel as one of the most awarded actresses in the world.

Throughout her career, Angela won a Total of 20 Awards out of 78 nominees accross several high profile awards schemes including The Academy Awards, BET, Black Reel Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Golden Globe Awards where she won at her first attempt and Many more.

Despite having nominations but couldn’t emerge victorious in certain schemes, Her highest grab was at the Image Awards where she won a Total of 13 Awards out of28 nominations.


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