Angelo Adkins: All Facts About Adele’s Son

 Angelo Adkins is Adele’s 10 years old baby boy, born on October 19, 2012, fathered by the singer’s ex-husband, Simon Konecki.

Angelo Adkins
Angelo and Adele


ANGELO Adkins first saw his mother Adele perform in front of an audience, during her One Night Only special on November 2021. Adkins was not made public during the concert, but the singer acknowledged, his presence and expressed how proud she was that Angelo can finally watch her perform.


Further, In an interview with Oprah, the singer revealed that her album 30, is her way of telling Angelo, who she is and what she has experienced.

Adele added that she feels guilty and selfish sometimes for divorcing her ex-husband Simon Konocki in 2019.  She confirmed that. Angelo asks questions, like, why she doesn’t love his father anymore. And why they can no longer live together. Adele further mentioned to Oprah that, though she wants to hold deep and critical conversations with Angelo about who she is. She is not sure if that will happen. So 30 albums is her message to Angelo, About her life. Because she fears Angelo might be furious.

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As a result of Adele’s secrete private life, there’s little, to no information on Angelo’s personal life. The singer, however, does not hide how much she adores her son. According to the parent, They will try and give Angelo an easy life. The singer refers to the two  Angelo and his father, Konopacki. As her “guiding angels”.


Adele the relatively low profile singer, recalls the funny moments when her fame began sinking with Angelo. She said after her son saw the reactions on her Instagram post, his words were, “people like you”. Meaning that the Grammy winner despite her fame and awards finds no pride in displaying that to her 10 years old. Who until recently knows nothing about her mother’s fame.


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