Angie Smith Husband: Is The Motorcyclist Married?

Angie Smith is a Motorcycle racer. The 44-year-old veteran racer was recently involved in a fatal accident. For unknown reasons, Angie Smith became separated from her Denso Buell motorcycle just after completing a class-opening pass of 198.93 mph Saturday morning on the World Wide Technology Raceway quarter-mile. This report will be centred on Angie Smith’s husband as we find out if he is married or not.

She barrel-rolled across the dragstrip in the shutdown area but was “alert and conscious and was examined onsite by the NHRA medical team before being transported to a local medical facility for further evaluation,” according to the NHRA immediately following the incident.

Angie Smith is currently facing skin graft surgery as she recovers from broken feet and extensive road rash as a result of her high-speed accident Saturday during qualifying for the AAA NHRA Midwest Nationals near St. Louis. This article delves deeper into the love life of Angie Smith who is married to Matt Smith.

Who Is Angie Smith The Motorcyclist?

Angie Smith is a Veteran drag racer from King, North Carolina. The 44-year-old veteran drag racer from King, North Carolina, was taking part in the Countdown to the Championship at this weekend’s World Wide Technology Raceway, alongside six-time and current class champion Matt Smith, the No. 2-ranked rider.

She had just finished a quarter-mile strip pass at 198.93 mph in 6.880 seconds when her accident happened.

In pre-race ceremonies, Matt Smith, her husband gave an update to the crowd.

He said, “She’s still at the hospital. She had a pretty bad wreck. First, let me say thank you to the NHRA – the Tech Department, the Safety Safari – for jumping on the scene and helping her as quickly as they did. It’s going to be a long road. Both feet are broken. They’re both in casts. She has some very bad road rash. All her right forearm, it’s all the way down to the muscle. Lots of surgery is going to be done for skin grafts and plastic surgery on her arm.

“But it’s nothing that she’s not going to come back from,” he said. “We’re going to let her heal. And thank you to the fans for all the prayers last night on Facebook and every other media outlet y’all sent messages. She’ll heal up, and she’ll be back next year. I can promise you that. She’s a tough girl, and we all wish her the best. Thank y’all for praying for her.”

Matt Smith said he “stayed there with her last night, got to the track at eight this morning,” three hours before the start of eliminations. “Before I left,” he said, “I gave her a kiss and told her that I loved her. She told me to get my phone out. She wanted to do a video for the team. So the video for the team was: ‘Go kick butt today’ and for Joey, Jianna, [teammates Gladstone and Evaristo] and me to turn win lights on and do everything we can to bring that Wally home to her, ‘cause she would like to have that Wally in the hospital room this evening. So we’re going to do our best to do that for her.”

Who Is Angie Smith Husband: Matt Smith?

Angie Smith was born in King, North Carolina. Angie Smith is married to Matt Smith but very little information is known about the couple and their background.

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