Anita Joseph speaks on why couples should get sëxüälly involved before marriage [Video]

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph is once again making headlines after she offered her followers some insightful advice on intimacy.

The movie star, who is known for offering contentious counsel, recently uploaded a video to YouTube in which she discussed the value of intimacy before marriage.

Anita Joseph recently explained why her marriage will never fail and said that having a sexual relationship with your partner before being married is essential to avoiding marital problems.

The renowned actress and brand influencer advises that in order to prevent infidelity in marriage, it is crucial to “test the waters” and make sure you are sexually satisfied before agreeing to wed.

“In everything you do make sure you get intimate with your partner before marriage… taste it… be inmate with you partner…don’t go and cheat in marriage because you are not satisfied with him…”, she stressed.

The movie celebrity advised individuals to “experience it” first before meeting with others to vent about their spouse’s prowess in the ‘bedroom’

She said: “In everything you do, make sure you get inti*mate with your partner before marriage. Don’t come and tell us that ‘I did not check it well o, I no know sey the thing dey like this o, I no know say he no sabi do o’. The guy go con say ‘I no know say she no sabi whine for bed o…” Anita also added: “What i’m trying to say is be inti*mate with your partner before marriage.”

Video below;

Source: GhBase


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