Anna Beth Goodman Age; Life, Career & More

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She is the wife of the celebrated American actor and voice-over artist, John Goodman. She has become famous for her association with the actor, but many still wonder what Anna Beth Goodman age is, so we decided to tackle the issue of how old the celebrity wife is.

In addition to this, we will tell you more about the life of the celebrity wife and her husband, John Goodman.

If you desire to know what Anna Beth Goodman age is, kindly read this article to the end to find out how old the celebrity wife is.

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The age of an individual is not necessarily the most difficult to calculate, and how old a matter matters less than what they have achieved during the years they have lived.

As we discuss Anna Beth Goodman age in this article, you also get the chance to know who she is and what she has done to make her so famous that people want to know just how old she is.

Anna Beth Goodman Age

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She was born in Louisiana, USA, in 1969. By this, Anna Goodman age is 53 at the moment; that’s five decades of life and counting.

What has she done in all these fifty and over years that she has lived on earth?

What was her life like when she was growing up?

We shall find out when we discuss her early life, educational background, and career.

Early Life

Anna Beth Goodman age

She is a mother, businesswoman, owner of a children’s clothing line, and, of course, a wife.

She has made an effort to avoid the attention that comes with being a well-known person’s wife, so very little is known about her.

Although she does go to performances with John Goodman, she has managed to avoid the regular attention that celebrities receive, which is why so little is known about her.

She has been friends with Goodman for more than three decades.

Since Anna Beth Goodman only gained widespread recognition after she wed John Goodman, nothing is known about her background.

It is not only about Anna Beth Goodman age, but everything else that matters about her.

Anna Beth Goodman Age, Education, Career

She attended school and lived her entire life in Louisiana, a state in the United States.

In Louisiana, she completed her high school education.

She attended the University of New Orleans to study fine arts after graduating from high school in 1986.

In order to launch her company in Los Angeles, Anna Beth Goodman eventually left her home state of Louisiana.

She started her clothes manufacturing company while living in Los Angeles and later returned to her native Louisiana to launch her children’s apparel line in New Orleans.

Anna’s business has been successful since in 2011 she bought the French apparel company Lylian Heirloom.

She eventually started her own children’s and a newborn baby clothesline as the children’s apparel industry continued to grow.

The company’s name is Layette.

We know Anna Beth Goodman age, early life, educational background, and career but who is her husband?

We did promise you more than just her age in this article and we are delivering just that to you; so who did she marry?


John Goodman Net Worth

Her husband is John Goodman; how did they meet?

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John Goodman and Anna Beth Goodman are thought to have first connected at a Halloween gathering where John was at the time working on a film.

Anna was pursuing a degree in fine arts at the University of New Orleans.

They dated for two years before getting hitched in 1989.

When John and his wife got married, he was 37 and she was 20.

One child was born to them—a daughter named Evangeline—and they relocated her away from Hollywood to keep her from adopting the lifestyle.

Net Worth

With Anna Beth Goodman age at fifty-three, it suggests she is a bit old and not as active as she was when she was a bit younger; so what is her net worth?

Anna has a sizable net worth that is not just attributable to her wealthy actor-husband.

With her clothes company, she has generated her own revenue.

According to reports, Anna Beth Goodman is worth around $2 million.

John Goodman, her spouse, is worth $45 million.

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