Anna Beth Goodman: Get To Know The Wife Of The Legendary Actor John Goodman

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Anna Beth Goodman

Anna Beth Goodman is a name that strikes some sound of a legendary actor into your ears, right? That legendary actor, who also does voice-overs and comedy, is John Goodman.

So, what do you know about his other half, Anna? Well, you might not have enough information about her, but worry no more as will take you into a sneak peek of who Anna Beth Goodman is.

But before we get into who his wife is, let us look at who this legendary actor John Goodman really is.

Who is John Goodman?

John Stephen Goodman is an American actor, known for playing Dan Conner on the ABC television series Roseanne, for which he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 1993, and reprised the role in its sequel series The Conners.

Born on June 20, 1952, John Goodman is worth 65 million dollars and has been in the entertainment industry for more than four decades now, having started his career in 1975.

Who is anna Beth Goodman?

Anna Beth Goodman
Anna Beth Goodman Credit | The famous

She is the wife of John Goodman.

She was born in Louisiana, the USA, in 1969. Anna Beth Goodman is an entrepreneur, children’s clothing line owner, mother, and, of course, a wife.

Not much is known about her as she has tried to keep away from the buzz around being a popular person’s wife.

She does attend shows with John Goodman but has been able to shield herself away from the usual attention celebrities get, which is why not much is known about her.

Her relationship with Goodman has been in excess of three decades now.

Anna Beth Goodman only started garnering public attention when she married John Goodman, as such, not much is known about her upbringing.

She is believed to have lived all her life, including her school life in her home state of Louisiana, USA.

It appears she was already a private person before marrying a popular man and didn’t want to change that, hence little information about her.

Anna Beth Goodman education

She has lived all her life and schooled in her home state of Louisiana, USA.

She had her high school education in Louisiana.

She graduated high school in 1986 and then went on to the University of New Orleans, where she studied Fine Arts.

Anna Beth Goodman life after school

Anna Beth Goodman finally left her home state of Louisiana to start her business in Los Angeles.

Whiles in Los Angeles, she began her clothing manufacturing business and eventually moved back to he home state to establish her children’s clothing business in New Orleans.

Business had been good for Anna as she ended up acquiring, in 2011, a French clothing brand named Lylian Heirloom.

The children’s clothing business continued to reach higher heights where she ended up creating her own clothing line for kids and newborn babies. The fashion label is called Layette.

Anna Beth Goodman net worth

Anna is worth quite a lot of money that is not just down to her marriage to a  millionaire actor.

She has made her own money from her clothing business.

Reports have it that Anna Beth Goodman is worth some 2 million dollars. Her husband, John Goodman is worth 65 million dollars.

How did Anna Beth Goodman meet John Goodman?

Anna Beth Goodman and John Goodman are believed to have met at a Halloween party where John was at the time working on a movie there.

Anna was in the University in New Orleans studying for her degree in Fine Arts.

The two dated for two years and got married in 1989.

John was 37 years old while his wife was 20 when they married.

Their marriage produced one child–a daughter, Evangeline–who they moved out of Hollywood to prevent her from catching the Hollywood life.

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