And Again? Another Boy From Kumasi Leaks N^ked Selfies Of Her Ex-Girlfriend!

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People never want to learn especially our girls. It hurts a lot to know they are always the victim. Yes, there is another scandal and how it leaked is pretty interesting.
These pictures were leaked by a jilted boyfriend who couldn’t handle the fact that the girl doesn’t want him anymore. They had taken the n*ked selfie after making love to each other. He also took the full picture of the girl n*ked. This incident is reported to have happened in Aboabo, Kumasi.

The girl whose name we do not want to disclose now never thought the ex boyfriend could do this to her. The father of the girl is after the young man who did that to her daughter but is no where to be found.

(Because of our site policy, we cannot show the images here, because it is high adult content and we also respect the privacy of the lady in question. This is to warn other girls)

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Our advise to the girls, is that, never allow anyone to take a picture of you naked for any reason. If they ask you to do that to prove that you love them, then you should know, that person is not the right person for you and you should break up with him. This is obviously not the first time, a picture of a girl naked is leaking on the internet. Never also take a naked picture of yourself and keep it on your phone unless, you don’t mind if other people see it.


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