Another Celebrity Love Sparkle? Pappy Kojo & Vanessa Gyan Already Crushing On Each Other

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Vanessa Gyan, daughter of the late Kiki Gyan of the Osibisa fame has expressed her interest in dating the new kid on the block, Pappy Kojo.

In an interview she granted on Awake, she  jokingly disclosed “I am a lover of Entertainment, Music and a lover of love but currently there is no one in my life” She was responding to a question that had been posed to her on what she thought about Pappy Kojo’s revelation in an interview that he really admires her.

Does one need to know rocket science to tell that Vanessa is lready crushing on Pappy Kojo? Pappy Kojo who got the attention of Ghanainans when he released a song Joey b was featured on titled “Wave” is undenialbly every ladies ideal man and since Vanessa is also single, i would not be surprised if in the the coming weeks, we hear of the two dating especially when there is the existence of a mutual feeling already. They wouldn’t be the first people in the entertainment industry to date. I personally think, they will be a good match tho.

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Vanessa believes;

“There are artists out here in Ghana who are thinking outside the box, they are thinking more into the international front even though some people bashthat. Artists like Sarkodie who has already won BET and an MTV award is still thinking beyond. I really respect artist who put a lot of dedication into their craft and Sarkodie is one of them.”

“I will work more on promoting and prepping most of the artists for interviews. Most of our artists are not prepped well for interviews from my observation and that will be the major thing I will do when I get the opportunity to manage any artist.”

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On the movie industry:

“I think the movie industry can do much better than they are now. The movies produced here are all towing the same line which gets boring after sometime; I feel maybe directors don’t want to be criticized so they stay within their comfort zone.I wouldn’t say I don’t like it but I don’t love it because I just feel they can do so much more.”

Catch her on e.TV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday at 9.30PM.

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culled from: yfm


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