R n B sensation, Jon Germain is reported to have his name tattooed on the hands of an alleged Korean girlfriend, by the name Nadia Jeong.

Jon Germain, who had once dated Yvonne Nelson in the past, is said to be having a current relationship with this young girl in the photo.

He must be a lucky guy to have his name tattooed on a girl’s body or just maybe he paid her to put his name on her hands?. It’s highly possible because some of our celebrities, would want to do something crazy, so they could be talked about. He wouldn’t be the first musician to have his name tattoed on a girl’s body. We saw the girl who did the same for Sarkodie, then also the Shatta Wale own recently.

Jon-germain.jpg1_ Jon-germain korean-girls

It appears, it’s becoming a new trend. Maybe that’s the only way for these desperate fans of these celebrities to get them notice them or  they are just  showing their genuine love for them.

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