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A lot has been said since the disappearance of Ghanaian musician Castro and his lady friend Janet Bandu at Ada.  Castro’s where about has been the major talking point throughout the week-each day with different conspiracy theories. Some have actually gotten into the spiritual realm.

Perhaps the most startling revelation is the one made by a spiritualist named India Man on Capital TV’s Mpanisem (Capital Tv is a tv station on the multi tv box which came into existent in February this year). India man asserts that Castro was a victim of his own protection- Black Magic known in local parlance as Juju. He claimed that Castro had contracted juju for his personal protection and that since the water gods abhors this, he needed to undergo certain rituals before crossing the water.

According to India Man, the ritual is necessary for everyone who has contracted any form of juju or they risk being taken away by the water gods. He made a lot of sense when he pointed out that the Volta Lake has many tributaries- each of which has a god of their own.

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That makes the Volta an extra ordinarily powerful entity. Because of this not every spiritualist can conduct the right rituals needed for the gods to release the body. This will explain why the many rituals that have been conducted by local spiritualist have not produced the body of Castro and Janet Bandu.

He challenged the families involved to consult him to conduct the said rituals for the water gods (among which was a mermaid aka maame water) to release the bodies.

The words of India man leads one to wonder whether the so-called protection was worth it at all. Rumors have it that many of our celebrities have all contracted spiritualist for protection and fame.

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Ghbase.Com will follow up on this story and bring you all the latest twists to the story

Source: Sena Atoklo – CAPITAL TV


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