Friday, May 29, 2020

‘Any Guy Earning Gh₵800 Should Not Think Of Getting Married’- Lady Advises

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A Twitter has mocked guys earning meagre salaries not to bother dating women that will lead to marriage because it’s not ‘proper.’

The ‘counsellor’ who goes by the handle @bougie_blackie says it just a form of burden to earn that amount and still try to get a woman in this harsh economy in Nigeria (well it applies to Ghana too).

She added it’s even wrong for people to compare that same amount and its equivalence in the past which still created a viable condition for men to marry because the economy now is not the same as then.

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She tweeted:

A guy earning N50,000 (which is ₵800) should not have any business getting married. It’s just not proper. And anyone that would say back in the day some parents earned less and still managed to fend and send kids to school should ask themselves if the economy then was the same as it is now.

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