Any man who doesn’t allow his girlfriend to collect gift is not a man but a small boy- Lady argues

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A Nigerian lady has slammed men who throw tantrums when their girlfriends accept gifts from other men in a message she addressed to Instagram relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin.

The lady said it’s only an uncivilized man who will be questioning his girlfriend over a gift that was given to her by a fellow man.

She went on to say that any man who interrogates his girlfriend because of a gift she received from a man is not a man but a small boy.

She wrote;

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So many insecure man in Nigeria, someone bought your gf iPhone and ur crying and interrogating her like ur DSS or what?.You should be happy ur gf is beautiful enough to attract gift from other men. Any man who doesn’t allow his gf collects gift is not a man but a small boy. Ladies stop dating boy that won’t allow you get gift and blessing. If you want her to return the iPhone buy a better phone for her

 See screenshot of the story

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See massive reactions her post generated;


When get married tell ur husband u want to be collecting gift from ur male frnds that he doesn’t know.. if u won’t return back to ur father’s house.. what rubbish


Speechless .Speechless that’s how u make me feel

loud speaker120

Nigerian ladies will choose to have iPhone over a relationship. That’s why I said poverty in these ladies is too much and That’s why they will be played and toyed with by any guy… Just toast them and promise them iPhone or anything. Then you will bang them till you are even well satisfied. then dump them.. material ladies. Not all ladies though


Simple..God go bless this lady aneg


Please the mic is shaking




True talk

portable meenah

Hope u won’t cry wen ladies start buying your bf gifts

eeesiina replied

which type of mumu is this one abeg? allow you collect gift from someone else? me that can’t let my boyfriend even smile too much with another girl, i should go and collect gift. just say you want u cheat and rest..real men this, real men that. men sef don suffer for this relationship matter


A man giving this kind of gift means he has intention of sleeping with her or he is already sleeping with her. Men take note of the poster and girls that support the

post. These are the girls to avoid


I don’t support this bullshit at all because i won’t be happy if my man collects gift from another woman in the first place what would have lead to that guy giving that girl a iphone unless is either both of them are dating or friends with benefits no guy gives a girl gift without be involved with each other unless the two of them are siblings.. Please if you want to be collecting gifts from men it best to stay single it actually shows disrespect in your relationship when you keep collecting gifts from

different men


I hope u don’t cry when a richer girl gifts ur man


Keep this same energy when a woman buys your boyfriend a gift too o


Wahala for this country why you go collect gift from boys when u get bf?? Are u saying he gave her the Phone without touching her? I hope you will be okay if other girls gift your bf too

sonof adoc

Poverty has a very loud voice.. na only inside Nigeria pesin dey choose iphone over e relationship but okay


Hmmmm. This only comes from small girls who are not financially independent on their own. How would you be in a relationship and you will still be collecting gifts from men???7 I really do not get what kind of relationship is practiced this days again


Louder pls

creamy cassic

Sha,Hope you don’t get mad at your man. When a girl gifts him something u can’t afford for him. Don’t get it twisted


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